Request Your Own Custom Charm(s)!

Do you need that little extra OOMPH in your day to day activities? Need some extra luck on your side? Or maybe you are seeking some extra spiritual protection? Allow me to create the special Charm perfect for your every day use! Charms are also tailored as a perfect way for other Broom Closet Witches to keep items on them in plain sight and without the unwanted stares from strangers. 


These special Charms will be custom tailored to your wants and needs. At this time I can make them into earrings, a pendant(s), or keychains -- a little something that you can have on your person always. If there is an item you request, but wish more so for your altar or just to bring into your home I can custom make something for you for these situations as well. 

Is there an item you are needing, but I currently do not offer it as apart of my collection? Don't hesitate to reach out to us via  EMAIL and we will offer you a personalized quote!