Crow Skull Heart Keychain [Charms]

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A purple heart filled with two crow skulls. The crow skulls are tinted with a nice gold color to offset the the colorful purple. Though crows are typically associated with death; it tends to go well above that. If crows continuously pop into your life it simply means change is coming your way! 

All change comes with a healing heart, mind, and soul. I have also incorporated some chamomile, dried roses, and rosemary into the resin for your healing protection. Rosemary will protect you while you're healing, the dried roses help heal all of your trauma (as you allow), and chamomile is an extra dose of healing while you are on this path. I have also added in my own healing energies to you during this time. 

**Please note: All spell charms come with personal work you must . You must be willing to accept and put in the work to heal for yourself. These charms do NOT protect you or prevent you from any physical damage. Thank you for understanding!